School Improvement Goals!

ELA:  All students will improve their ELA skills across the curriculum.

~Guided Reading

     - Author’s Purpose

     - Guided Highlighted Reading

     -Text Features



     -6+1 Traits

     -Collins Writing Program


Math: All students will be proficient in Math.

~Algebra and Geometry (6-12)

     -Spiral Review


     -Board Work

~Numbers and Operations (K-12)

     -Daily Interactive Practice


     -Daily Math Questions

     -Math Manipulatives

     -Real Life Opportunities

~Measurement and Conversions (K-5)

     -Spiral Review

     -Learning Groups

     -Real World Applications


Science: All students will be proficient in Science

~Earth Science (5-8)

     -Guided Highlighted Reading

     -Interactive Lessons

~Physical Science (K-4)

     -Guided Highlighted Reading

     -Guided Note Taking

     -Interactive Lessons

~Research Summary (9-12)

     -Guided Highlighted Reading

     -Research Based Activities


~Scientific Process/Inquiry (K-12)

     -Hands-on Activities



     -Peer Labs

     -Using Scientific Tools

     -Using Interactive Videos and Websites


Social Studies: All students will be proficient in Social Studies.

~Civics and Economics

     -Lesson Development Focused on Civic Practices

     -Spiral Review

     -Character Education

     -MEAP Focus Areas

~History and Geography

     -Guided Highlighted Reading

     -Use of Informational Text

     -Differentiated Lessons

     -Guided Reading for Informational Text